Medium Power & Low Noise Amplifier

Exodus new line of Medium Power and Low Noise Amplifiers feature GaAsFET, GaN, and Chip & Wire technologies covering frequency ranges from 1MHz to 51GHz with power levels 2W P1dB and below. We offer as a module and can also be packaged in a self-sustained system chassis (benchtop or rackmount configuration).

Ultra Broadband Frequency HPA

Exodus Broadband SSPA products feature GaN, GaAsFET discrete and Chip & Wire Hybrid technologies covering one octave through decades frequency ranges from 18GHz to 50GHz at power levels exceeding 50W for Modules and 200W for Systems.
•High Power Solid State Power Amplifiers
  •Chip & Wire Hybrid Assemblies, Modules & Systems
  •Broadband, CW, Pulse & Linear Applications
  •1MHz to 50GHz, 3KW CW, 10KW Pulse
•Medium Power Amplifiers
  •1MHz to 51GHz, 2W P1dB and below
•Low Noise Amplifiers
•Block Up Converters