Medium Power &
Low Noise Amplifier

Exodus new line of Medium Power and Low Noise Amplifiers feature GaAsFET, GaN, and Chip & Wire technologies covering frequency ranges from 1MHz to 51GHz with power levels 2W P1dB and below. We offer as a module and can also be packaged in a self-sustained system chassis (benchtop or rackmount configuration).

Ultra Broadband Frequency HPA

Exodus Broadband SSPA products feature GaN, GaAsFET discrete and Chip & Wire Hybrid technologies covering one octave through decades frequency ranges from 18GHz to 50GHz at power levels exceeding 50W for Modules and 200W for Systems.


  • •High Power Solid State Power Amplifiers
  • •Chip & Wire Hybrid Assemblies, Modules & Systems
  • •Broadband, CW, Pulse & Linear Applications
  • •1MHz to 50GHz, 3KW CW, 10KW Pulse
  • •Medium Power Amplifiers
  • •1MHz to 51 GHz, up to 2W P1dB
  • •Low Noise Amplifiers
  • •Block Up Converters