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  subject  :   10KHz – 1000MHz, 100 W Solid State Power Amplifier System – Exodus AMP2142DB-100
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Solid State Power Amplifier System – Exodus AMP2142DB-100  

10KHz – 1000MHz, 100 Watts rated, 150 Watts typical


Exodus model AMP2142DB-100 is a superb 10kHz – 1000MHz, 100-Watt Amplifier System.

This dual-band amplifier features 50 dB Minimum Gain, Type N Female RF Input, Sample & RF output ports.

Built-in VVA circuits for gain control local & remote functionality, designed for high reliability and ruggedness.

Our Rack Mountable drawer can be housed in a cabinet or benchtop for ease of use. 

This system is suitable for all single channel modulation standards, harsh automotive BCI tests and any application requiring high power and wide band coverage such as EMI/RFI General and specialized test equipment requirements.

    • Exodus AMP1146A 2.0 – 8.0GHz, 70W Minimum Solid-State Module

      Exodus Advanced Communications is pleased to introduce our compact 2.0-8.0GHz Module. The AMP1146A produces 70-watts minimum, 80-90W nominal power. The minimum power gain is 48dB with <-20dBc harmonics. Included are both current & temperature sensing as well as our built-in protection circuits for optimum reliability & ruggedness for all applications. The nominal weight is 3lbs, and dimensions of 4.3”W x 7.8”L x 1.0”H.

    • Exodus AMP2065E-LC, 6.0–18.0GHz, 500 Watts, another outstanding TWT replacement

      Exodus AMP2065E-LC is designed for replacing aging TWT technology. A broadband, rugged EMC Class A/AB linear Solid-State design for all modulations & industry standards. Covers 6.0-18.0GHz, produces >500W with a minimum 57dB gain. Excellent flatness, optional monitoring parameters for Forward/Reflected power, VSWR, voltage, current & temperature sensing for superb-reliability. Exodus Quiet-Cool technology in our compact 12U-chassis.

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