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  subject  :   App-Note: 005 - Power Indication & relative accuracy in Amplifier's
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 App Note 005   Power Indication & relative accuracy in Amplifier's

The purpose & scope of this document is to explain amplifier power indication (metering) and typical variations associated with frequency sensitivity and bandwidth. Exodus amplifiers with our display/controller provide many monitoring & control functions.

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    • Exodus AMP1146A 2.0 – 8.0GHz, 70W Minimum Solid-State Module

      Exodus Advanced Communications is pleased to introduce our compact 2.0-8.0GHz Module. The AMP1146A produces 70-watts minimum, 80-90W nominal power. The minimum power gain is 48dB with <-20dBc harmonics. Included are both current & temperature sensing as well as our built-in protection circuits for optimum reliability & ruggedness for all applications. The nominal weight is 3lbs, and dimensions of 4.3”W x 7.8”L x 1.0”H.

    • Exodus AMP2065E-LC, 6.0–18.0GHz, 500 Watts, another outstanding TWT replacement

      Exodus AMP2065E-LC is designed for replacing aging TWT technology. A broadband, rugged EMC Class A/AB linear Solid-State design for all modulations & industry standards. Covers 6.0-18.0GHz, produces >500W with a minimum 57dB gain. Excellent flatness, optional monitoring parameters for Forward/Reflected power, VSWR, voltage, current & temperature sensing for superb-reliability. Exodus Quiet-Cool technology in our compact 12U-chassis.

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